The company “GIOTA” was founded in 1980 by ODYSSEA VASILAROS as a small housekeeth in Xirokri Thessaloniki and dealt exclusively with classic men’s pyjamas and classic women’s nightgown under the name “Vasilaros Odysseus OE”. Her years of experience in the field of production-manufacturing, using Greek raw materials and constantly controlling the quality and cost of the products produced and with her specialization in this field, proceeded to the production-manufacture of women’s pyjamas and homewear leading to a successful and evolving company with a continuous upward trend.

By improving and modernizing the company’s equipment, by setting small goals each time it managed during its time to enrich its collection and in each season to express fashion trends with its standard designs. Today, the company “GIOTA” in its own space with complete modern technological equipment with Greek labor hands, produces products for the consumer to find all over the Greek territory.